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Can you stop doing drugs without rehab?

Can you stop doing drugs without rehab?

drug rehab - Which Rehab?

  It’s possible to quit drugs without going to rehab, however, it can be more challenging to do so without professional help, and your chances of maintaining sobriety may be lower. Quitting drugs on your own can also be dangerous, especially if you’ve had a drug abuse problem for a long time or have developed […]

Cocaine addiction: what is it and how can I treat it?

A man with a cocaine addiction snorting lines of coke with a rolled up paper note - Which Rehab

  One of the most well-known stimulants in the world, cocaine is a powerful but short-lived drug. Unfortunately, as it makes immediate changes to your neural pathways, it’s known to be highly addictive and can trigger addiction in many people after even only one use. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know […]

How to support someone with a drug addiction this Christmas

A man sat at a Christmas dinner table wearing a festive jumper looking sullen, with the Which Rehab logo above and the blog title - How to support someone with a drug addiction this Christmas below - Which Rehab

  Christmas is a time for overindulgence and celebration. However, for someone in active drug addiction, the festive period can be a minefield of triggers, which ultimately impact family and friends too. As a loved one, it’s painful to watch someone you care about struggling with drug addiction. You will experience feelings of anger, resentment […]

How long is a stay in rehab?

An half complete hourglass with the Which Rehab logo and the blog title, how long does rehab take?

FAQs Whether you’re thinking about going to rehab, or a loved one is trying to persuade you to go, one of the first questions you’ll have is: how long does rehab take? In truth, the answer depends on several factors. We’ll go through these and more over the course of this post. Typical lengths of […]

How much does rehab cost in the UK?

A jar of copper coins on it's side | Which Rehab

For many people, the cost of rehab is the deciding factor when considering which treatment path to take. However, while private rehab treatment in the UK comes at a price, it has helped millions of people overcome their addictions. So, how much does rehab really cost in the UK? On average, you can expect to […]

How does rehab work in the UK?

A womanlying on her back in a rehab therapy room with the text overlay: How does rehab work in the UK | Which Rehab

  When talking about drug and alcohol rehab in the UK, most people assume you’re referring to exclusive facilities reserved for wealthy people and celebrities. However, many fail to consider other treatment paths to rehab available in London and the rest of the UK. Let’s explore these options and answer a few burning questions. FAQs […]

How hard is it to get off drugs without the help of therapy or rehab?

A man struggling to detox alone, sitting on a sofa with his head on his hands | Which Rehab

  A common misconception amongst people suffering from substance use disorders is that once they have eliminated drugs and alcohol from their system, they are free from addiction.  However, this is far from the truth. While drug detox is an important part of the recovery process, it is only the first step toward complete sobriety.  […]

How to Get Someone into Rehab

A father holding the shoulder of his adult daughter who is struggling with addiction as she holds her head in her hands - Which Rehab

Watching a loved one battling addiction can leave you feeling powerless, fearful and extremely anxious. Unfortunately, many people suffering from addiction are in denial about their problem, making it all the more difficult to convince them to accept help. In the UK, it is not possible to force someone into rehab against their will. If […]

What Can I Expect in Early Recovery?

A person walking down a tunnel - What can I expect in Early Recovery Blog - Which rehab

Early Recovery What Can I Expect in Early Recovery? Early recovery sometimes feels like an overwhelming series of challenges. Giving up the old way of life didn’t fully prepare us for the new one – how are we to cope? The answer lies in managing our expectations and responses. Don’t expect too much too soon. Recovery […]