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How much does rehab cost in the UK?

For many people, the cost of rehab is the deciding factor when considering which treatment path to take. However, while private rehab treatment in the UK comes at a price, it has helped millions of people overcome their addictions.

So, how much does rehab really cost in the UK?

On average, you can expect to pay around £1,500/£2,000 for one week in rehab. It’s also not uncommon for people to book themselves in for a detox-only stay. However, detox is just the first stage of the recovery process and one week of rehab is generally considered insufficient, especially for someone whose addiction is severe.

A minimum of four weeks allows enough time to complete your inpatient treatment and get the most out of therapy. However, if you do only require detox and wish to continue therapy elsewhere, you can expect an average cost of around £2,000 for a 7 to 10 day stay.

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Factors that can affect the cost of rehab

It’s impossible to give a definitive answer when discussing the cost of drug and alcohol rehab in London. Several factors can influence the price, some of which include the type of treatment, the duration of treatment, and the location of the rehab facility.


Generally speaking, rehab centres located in major cities tend to be more expensive than residential treatment located in rural areas. This is due to the higher cost of living and other factors associated with urban life. For example, a rehab in central London is likely to cost more per week than a rehab located an hour outside of London.


Some rehabs boast extra luxurious rehab facilities, such as swimming pools, hypobaric oxygen chambers and swimming pools. The cost of running these extra facilities will be reflected in the overall cost.

Rehabs offering more basic treatment are likely to charge roughly £1,000 – £1,500 per week, while luxury clinics can cost anywhere between £10,000 – £20,000.

Type of treatment

The type of treatment programme is an important factor when it comes to determining how much rehab will cost. Generally speaking, residential rehabilitation programs for people with very severe substance abuse issues tend to be more expensive than outpatient ones.

Duration of treatment

The duration of treatment is another factor that can influence the cost of rehab. Generally, the longer you stay in a rehab facility, the more expensive it will be. One-week programs may cost as little as £1,500, while one-month programs can go up to £4,000 or more.


All private rehab centres will have staff on-site 24/7 to provide around-the-clock private treatment for patients. However, having more medical professionals and qualified psychotherapists often means more effective private treatment but will increase the overall costs.

If the cost of treatment is what’s concerning you, get in touch with us today. We’ve helped thousands of people find the right rehab programme for them. Whether you’re looking for private rehab or want to try addiction counselling, we will take your financial situation into consideration to ensure you receive the best care. For a better overview, visit our prices page and contact us with any questions you have about addiction rehab costs and other treatment options. We’re happy to help.


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Types of rehabs

There are two main types of rehab: inpatient rehab centres and outpatient treatments.

Inpatient programmes are considered the most effective treatment of drug addiction and increase your chances of maintaining sobriety once you leave. Some benefits include:

  • Supervised medical detox to ensure your safety and comfort during withdrawal.
  • Intensive psychological therapy sessions every day to ensure your mental health is looked after for the duration of your stay.
  • Immediate admission means no waiting for months on end hoping to secure a place.
  • Around-the-clock care and medical staff on hand.
  • Staying at a residential rehab facility for the duration of your programme allows you to focus fully on long term recovery and guarantees abstinence.

How much does outpatient rehab cost?

If you opt for outpatient treatment, you can return home after therapy sessions. This is an affordable option if you’re unable to afford inpatient rehab, as it still offers a great quality of care at a slightly lower rate.

A week of outpatient rehab can start from £1,000 depending on location and facilities.

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What are the alternatives to private rehab?

If you don’t have the means to fund drug and alcohol rehab in London, there are free options available. Many people have successfully overcome severe addictions using free services, such as those outlined below.

NHS rehab services

NHS rehab doesn’t take place in a residential rehab clinic, however, it still provides drug and alcohol detox support by prescribing detox medication to help you cope with the symptoms of withdrawal. Although NHS rehab is an example of free outpatient care, they can refer you to a private rehab facility if your case is extremely severe and you’re deemed eligible.

If you choose NHS medical care rehab for your treatment, you’ll also be offered behavioural therapy sessions to help you deal with the psychological aspects of addiction. Specialised addiction therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are designed to help you identify the factors causing or contributing to your addiction. NHS rehab services are effective but don’t offer any of the holistic therapies available at private residential rehabs, such as music and art therapy or meditation.

Support groups

The UK has a vast recovery community, which means there are thousands of support groups operating daily up and down the country. The most popular include 12-Step fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous and Smart Recovery groups. The 12-Step meetings typically follow a set of guidelines designed to help keep people sober, while Smart Recovery groups vary in format.

Local drug and alcohol services

Most local councils and authorities provide drug and alcohol services which offer detox and therapy on an outpatient basis. Once you register, you’ll be assigned a key worker who will work with you to put together a plan and set out goals for your recovery journey.

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The cost of rehab in the UK depends on several factors, including the clinic’s location, its on-site facilities and the type of services they offer. I.e., Medically supervised detox.

In London and the rest of the UK, there are three main options for funding alcohol and drug rehab. Self-funding, government funding, or through private health insurance if your policy covers it.

Drug and alcohol rehab costs can be expensive, with rehab prices in the UK ranging from £100 per day or more. However, there are options available for those who cannot afford private treatment. Depending on your circumstances and level of need, you may be able to access free or reduced-cost rehabilitation services.

The National Health Service (NHS) offers treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction on a reduced-cost basis, and there are a number of support groups and charities that provide free or discounted care. Additionally, private health insurance may cover some or all of the costs of rehab.

There are many organisations offering free drug and alcohol rehab services in the UK. These include local drug services , charities and local support groups. Talk to your GP or local council to find out which services are available in your area.

The cost of rehabilitation for addiction in the UK varies depending on the type and severity of the addiction. For example, the cost of alcohol rehab tends to be more expensive than rehab for drug addiction, due to the need for longer treatment and management of withdrawal symptoms. The overall cost can also vary widely depending on the type of rehab facility you choose.