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What are the 4 treatments for alcoholism?

What are the 4 treatments for alcoholism?

A man with his head in his hands over multiple finished beers - the 4 treatments of alcoholism - Which Rehab

Alcoholism, a debilitating condition characterised by an uncontrollable and harmful desire for alcohol, permeates every facet of an individual’s life. While the causes of alcoholism are diverse, including genetic predispositions, environmental factors, and personal experiences, its detrimental effects on health, relationships, and overall well-being are profound. This article explores the four primary treatments for alcoholism, […]

What are the symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal?

Man in bath struggling with alcoholism - Which Rehab

Alcohol withdrawal refers to the symptoms that manifest if you have an alcohol use disorder and you suddenly stop drinking. Here we will discuss the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol (also known as Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome, or AWS), what symptoms you might experience and how best to manage the alcohol detox process. FAQs   What are […]

Alcohol and mental health

A greyscale shot of a man standing with his head in his hands - Which Rehab

Find out about the link between alcohol and mental health issues and how a dual diagnosis can be treated today.

New Ketamine Treatment Trial for Alcohol Addiction

A silhouette of a woman drinking a bottle of beer - Which Rehab

  There has been a growing ambition in recent years to the use and effectiveness of psychedelics to treat addiction. This has led to researchers at the University of Exeter currently trialling the use of ketamine in the treatment of alcohol addiction. The trial – which has reached its second stage – will focus on […]

How much does rehab cost in the UK?

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For many people, the cost of rehab is the deciding factor when considering which treatment path to take. However, while private rehab treatment in the UK comes at a price, it has helped millions of people overcome their addictions. So, how much does rehab really cost in the UK? On average, you can expect to […]

Commonly Abused Legal Drugs

A number of colourful prescription pills spilled on a table - Commonly Abused Legal Drugs Blog - Which Rehab

It’s important to discuss the commonly abused legal drugs… The term ‘drugs’ is commonly associated with illicit substances, such as cocaine and heroin. However, some of the most addictive drugs aren’t illegal at all. Some are readily available over the counter while others are obtained by prescription. There is no dispute over the efficacy of […]