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Do you come from the county of Huntingdonshire, also known as Hunts, in the East of England? Have you seen your life fall apart due to an addiction to drugs and   alcohol? If so, we can put you back on track, and help you move away from dependency. We are at the forefront of rehab services in Huntingdonshire. Furthermore, our services are available at an affordable rate.

You can rely on Which Rehab to take care of all kinds of addiction. We are renowned for providing the premiere alcohol or drug detox programme to suit your specific requirements. We provide the perfect clinical and therapeutic therapy to deal with your problems with dependency.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Huntingdonshire That Works

If you progress with drug detox or alcohol detox from Which Rehab in Huntingdonshire, you can benefit from the leading addiction treatment at our local rehab centre. Thousands of people around the country decide to enter rehab. However, there is a section of the population who probably should be receiving treatment but cannot accept they have an addiction.
Their friends and family may be concerned about their alcohol or drug use, but they may be in denial. Maybe there is another option. We can stage an intervention, to help you, or someone you know recognise you may have a problem and help you get treatment.

If you are ready to continue with your rehabilitation treatment programme as an inpatient, you will be closely supervised by our excellent doctors, nurses and psychiatric professionals. When you arrive, you will be assessed and our staff will clarify exactly what rehab entails. They will also gather your medical background or any past problems with dependency.

Now you are set to proceed with detoxification. This sees drugs and alcohol being safely washed from your system and often replaced with a substitute substance. Withdrawal can be rough but our skilled medical staff can prescribe a variety of medications to deal with the side effects incurred during detox.

St Mary's Church, Huntingdon - Rehab Services - Which Rehab

We Offer Rehab Help Across Huntingdonshire including:

St Ives
St Neots



Get The Right Rehab Treatment In Huntingdonshire

While living at our residential clinic you will also attend regular therapy sessions, both individually or with a group. These afford you the opportunity to discuss whatever is troubling you, alongside any long-standing problems and to get to the core of your addiction.

Likewise, it is becoming increasingly common to use therapy techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Integrated Counselling Therapy, among others, when battling addiction.

St Mary's Church, Huntingdon - Rehab Services - Which Rehab

Rehab Aftercare In Huntingdonshire

If you require further care after your time at our residential centre is over, then Which Rehab can assist you. We can arrange a thorough follow-up and aftercare programme, where you can be looked after as an outpatient, either individually or on a group basis.

You can keep in touch with our committed advisors when you return home, by telephone or visiting. This can prove invaluable for providing ongoing support and preventing relapse after you finally leave rehab.

This is an overview of the numerous ways Which Rehab can assist in your treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. So, if you would like to know more about the exceptional rehab services we provide, then please call our residential clinic in Huntingdonshire. You won’t regret it.