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Addiction Interventions

Many families experience one of the many frustrating characteristics of addiction, which is denial.

Denial can prevent an individual suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction seeking life saving treatment and accepting help.

Even when it is blatantly obvious to all around them, that professional help is needed, they still think that you are making a fuss over nothing and that they are ok as they are.

What Causes Denial in Addiction?

Repeated abuse of substances makes an individual very mentally and physically unwell. It severely clouds their judgement and their reality.

Tragically, denial and not being able to see the seriousness of their condition leads many alcoholics and drug addicts to their death. Substantial chemical changes in the brain take place over time, that prevent addicts from seeing what is clear to all around them.

Thankfully, there is now a recognised specialist therapeutic service called an intervention, which we are able to arrange. A professional drug and alcohol intervention successfully breaks the denial presenting in your loved one. An intervention will also encourage them to accept professional help and treatment for their addiction.

Who Needs a Drug and Alcohol Intervention?

If your loved one or family member is clearly putting themselves at risk through their addiction, but is unable to see or acknowledge the consequences of their actions, then they would benefit from a drug and alcohol intervention.

What is a Drug and Alcohol Intervention?

A drug an alcohol intervention should only be conducted by a professional who is experienced and trained in interventions. The interventionist will collect as much information as possible about the person that you are trying to help. With the assistance of family and friends, the intervention will be conducted at a time and place where all involved can attend. Once the subject of the intervention agrees to help, immediate action is taken to ensure they access addiction treatment whilst they are still open and receptive. Statistics show that those who admit to either drug rehab or alcohol rehab having undergone a drug and alcohol intervention, are much more likely to stay for the duration of treatment and go on to do well in their recovery from addiction.

How Does An Addiction Intervention Work?

The interventionist will take the lead and control the whole process, so that the intervention is as productive as possible. Everyone involved will be prepared by the interventionist as to what part they play in helping their loved on to see the truth.

Using various counselling techniques and therapies, the interventionist will break your loved ones denial with the assistance of you and your family.

What Happens After An Addiction Intervention?

Once the denial is broken, your loved one is left to face the cold hard truth and the consequences of their actions; it is at this point that they will agree to accept professional help and treatment for their addiction.

How Successful are Addiction Interventions?

Interventions are extremely successful, as a professional is able to systematically break down the denial of an addiction without the individual becoming defensive as they would with family and friends.

If they do not agree to treatment immediately, the seed will have been well and truly sowen and the truth exposed. It is usually only a short space of time before they ask for help

How Do I Arrange An Addiction Intervention?

Quite simply call us at Which Rehab; we have all the information you need regarding professional interventions and can also arrange one for you without delay.

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