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Bristol Rehab Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Despite its beautiful scenery and cultural heritage, Bristol is home to many people who know the pain of addiction.

If you live in or around Bristol and have fallen victim to dependency, don’t lose hope.

We at Which Rehab are at the forefront of inexpensive drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol and the surrounding area, and can help you finally say goodbye to your addiction.

Frequently Asked Rehab Questions

Residential rehab in the UK is usually paid out of pocket, but private health insurance may be used to fund treatment.

In special cases, the NHS or social services may assist in paying for your stay at a residential centre when local community-based treatments do not suffice.

Remaining sober after rehab without support is extremely difficult. In fact, 85 per cent of individuals relapse within a year of treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Look at our comprehensive aftercare services to give yourself or your loved one the best chance of beating addiction in the long term.

The price for drug rehab varies across the UK, depending on the location and the facility itself. Visit our prices page for an overview or get in touch for a quote.

Drug detox can be uncomfortable, and it is not advisable to quit using without professional help. There are a number of medications which can be given to help with the withdrawal symptoms, but it is not advisable to do this without the help of a medical professional.

A lot of people in Bristol decide to detox in a residential rehab where they can receive ongoing support and professional help.

Bristol Rehab Addiction Treatment

At Which Rehab, we have the skills and experience to treat a wide range of addictions. We can help you deal with your dependency issues through our comprehensive detox programme. You’ll receive the optimum care at a local residential Bristol rehab clinic and experience our thorough drug or alcohol detox.

Phone now and discover why we are considered amongst the top addiction treatment providers in the UK.

Recognising there's a problem

Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle for many people is accepting they have an addiction problem in the first place.

It may be clear to those around you that you require treatment, but you cannot see it yourself. This is where an intervention can be invaluable. An intervention is a therapeutic service where a qualified counsellor evaluates your situation and shows you why you should choose rehab.

Treatments available at a Bristol Rehab

At Which Rehab we offer a wide range of treatments. Not only can we provide help for drug and alcohol addictions but also for behavioural addictions. Whether you need rehab, detox or counselling, we are here to provide you with the necessary information to decide what’s best for you. Our treatments include:


Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment in Bristol

Our drug and alcohol rehabs in and around Bristol provide structured rehabilitation programmes and aftercare services to help you stay clean in the long- term after your recovery.

You can find out what rehabs in Bristol are right for you by giving us a call today so we can set you on the best treatment plan for you.

Which Rehab believes in the personal touch when treating dependency, which is why so many people stay at our exceptional residential rehabs in Bristol and across the UK.


Individual And Group Addiction Therapies

Group therapy is a form of therapy in which a group of inpatients or outpatients are led by a specialist therapist in a course of therapy sessions to help them combat their problems. They are intended to provide support and encouragement in order to overcome denial and aid the recovery process.

The 12-Step Approach

The 12-step approach is a programme based on 12 principles to overcome addiction and substance abuse. The 12 steps that participants go through act as a bridge between past behaviours to encourage them to take responsibility for the past, present and future and accept they are responsible for the decisions they make.


Holistic Therapies To Help Addiction

Holistic therapies are introduced into rehab and addiction treatment to improve the wellbeing and reduce the stress of individuals during the withdrawal process of their addiction. They are used to help heal the mind, body and spirit rather than just the illness.

Holistic treatments can include; yoga, meditation, art, massage, sport and exercise, music and much more.

What Happens When You Attend a Bristol Rehab?

The ceremonial county of Oxfordshire is located in the South East of England. It is world famous as a seat of learning and is also home to renowned publishing firm, Oxford University Press. While it has universities, beautiful buildings and a rich history, many in Oxfordshire battle with drug or alcohol addiction. If you are struggling with your own demons and dependency, then Which Rehab can come to your aid.


Step one - Detoxification

If you, or your loved one, has decided on alcohol or drug rehab, you can begin your rehabilitation programme immediately. You’ll be attended to by highly qualified doctors, nurses and psychiatric specialists. They’ll thoroughly assess you and learn all your past medical history and addictions.

You’ll then be taken through your rehab step by step. Your programme will be explained before starting detoxification, the process where drugs or alcohol are safely cleansed from your body.

Detox can bring on difficult withdrawal symptoms but our medical professionals can prescribe various medications to help you through it. They can ease the pain and take the edge off as you complete detoxification.

Step two - Addiction Counselling

You can then move on to the next phase of your ongoing rehabilitation programme. Through counselling, you can delve into the psychological characteristics of addiction.

During your stay at the residential centre, you may attend both individual and group addiction therapy, where you can talk about any ongoing problems or underlying concerns which could have a bearing on your dependency.

It’s also becoming more commonplace to employ cutting-edge therapies in the treatment of addiction, from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Integrated Counselling Therapy to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, among others.


Addiction Aftercare Bristol

Your recovery can continue once you leave the rehab clinic by choosing our unique aftercare service. This lets you keep in touch with an advisor, either by telephone or in person, who will help you adjust to everyday life since leaving rehab. The follow-up service will be performed individually, or on a group basis, and can play a vital role in your ongoing rehab. We can also see you as an outpatient, where we can help you acclimatise to life outside rehab. This can play a pivotal part in relapse prevention and carrying on with recovery.


How do I know which is the best Bristol Rehab?

All Bristol rehabs we deal with are Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated. This means within our rehab directory all our rehabs follow a strict set of protocols both medically and therapeutically. This ensures they are of the highest standard and are safe for our clients, so you know whichever rehab you choose, you will get the help you need at the highest standard.


Immediate Detox & Rehab Entry

If you live in Bristol and are battling drug or alcohol addiction, you’ll receive the finest treatment available at our residential rehab centre in your district. We keep abreast of the latest innovations in rehab therapy ensuring we can deliver only the best services.

So why not experience our services for yourself and give us a call today? It could be life changing.