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What are the symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal?

What are the symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal?

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Alcohol withdrawal refers to the symptoms that manifest if you have an alcohol use disorder and you suddenly stop drinking. Here we will discuss the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol (also known as Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome, or AWS), what symptoms you might experience and how best to manage the alcohol detox process. FAQs   What are […]

New Ketamine Treatment Trial for Alcohol Addiction

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  There has been a growing ambition in recent years to the use and effectiveness of psychedelics to treat addiction. This has led to researchers at the University of Exeter currently trialling the use of ketamine in the treatment of alcohol addiction. The trial – which has reached its second stage – will focus on […]

How long is a stay in rehab?

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FAQs Whether you’re thinking about going to rehab, or a loved one is trying to persuade you to go, one of the first questions you’ll have is: how long does rehab take? In truth, the answer depends on several factors. We’ll go through these and more over the course of this post. Typical lengths of […]

How Does Alcohol Affect The Liver?

Alcohol addiction affecting your liver

The liver is one of the most crucial organs in the body, one we rely on to keep us alive. While we can survive with a partial liver, we can’t live without one at all. The liver is responsible for metabolising (breaking down) toxins from medications and alcohol. However, when the liver becomes overburdened, the […]