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Student Bar Stops Selling Booze Due To Drop In Sales

Student Bar Stops Selling Booze Due To Drop In Sales


When people think of university students letting off steam, they often imagine college kids drinking at the bar. We have also seen scores of American movies with students throwing wild parties, usually in a college dorm or frat house. However, it seems the `Animal House` or `Road Trip` image may be a thing of the past. A Student Union Bar at a University in Scotland decided to stop serving alcohol after a significant drop in sales. It seems more and more students would rather have a coffee, and the establishment is acting accordingly.

Bar One, the Student Union Bar of Abertay University in Dundee, has seen a drop in demand for alcohol in the past few years, to the point it is no longer considered economically viable to sell booze in the pub, so they have decided to stop.

Alcohol Sales Drop

It seems to reflect a change in tastes, where many young people are now turning their backs on alcohol. Bar One has been open since 2005, but, in the past four years, alcohol sales have nosedived by around 70%. The pub has announced it will soon suspend its drink service, making it the first student union bar in the country to discontinue serving alcohol due to declining sales.

Shift in Social and Health Opinions

Sources say this is down to young people being more aware of the effect alcohol abuse can have on their health and finding being in a drunken state embarrassing. This change has become so widespread that, according to sources, 20% of students do not drink at all. They now prefer a coffee, with many choosing to hang out in a daytime café. The university now boasts a brand-new Library Café in the Bernard King Library, which has proven a huge hit with students and faculty.

This shows how fewer young people are relying on drink and using alcohol-free alternatives to have a good time. So, it seems we have reached a turning point where a student bar can flourish while only serving coffee and can call time on alcohol once and for all.

If you are at university and are worried about your drinking please contact your local support services.  Alternatively, we offer a free helpline with alcohol and drug abuse help and advice.