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New Myco-adaptogens Beers Could Be Future Of Alcohol-Free drinking

It seems every day we are seeing the latest advances in the low or non-alcohol beer market. But the industry is buzzing with the release of a series of drinks called Britain’s first-ever ‘myco-adaptogenic’ alcohol-free beers.

It is ironic that a revolutionary new product should be derived from an ancient ingredient, which has been around for millennia? But what exactly are myco adaptogens?

They are a variety of medicinal mushroom, which people have taken for thousands of years. Myco adaptogens are a type of fungi, renowned for their positive health effects. But, unlike some other mushroom-based items we could mention, they have no psychedelic properties.

Myco-adaptogens Beers

They are now used in the production of three exciting new drinks, Chaga Lager, Reishi Citra Beer and Lion’s Mane IPA, making up the Fungtn non-alcoholic craft beer range.

They are vegan, gluten-free and brewed for flavour with 0.5% ABV. All the while utilising a functional amount of organic medicinal mushroom, of the highest level.

Elements which the makers say, combine to create a delicious, refreshing beer, which helps improve body and mind, but does not give you a hangover. Just what you are looking for?

A beverage brewed with myco adaptogens can increase the depth, body, and viscosity of the beer. It also has a traditional beer mouthfeel, where it does not taste like you are drinking liquified mushrooms which have gone through a blender. You can also experience the positive health effects of the medicinal kind, while enjoying a refreshing, low alcohol beer.

The UK has seen a growing rise in the popularity of low or alcohol-free drinks, as people are becoming more aware you do not have to consume large volumes of alcohol to have a good time.

The Fungtn drinks line has also introduced folk to a whole new world of mindful drinking. It was founded by a Miss Zoey Henderson, a consultant in the field, who has worked in the hospitality industry for over a decade She was first introduced to medicinal mushrooms during a trip to California, and soon became interested in Fungi.

Miss Henderson is dedicated to bringing medicinal mushrooms and myco-adaptogens to the wider UK public. Highlighting their therapeutic properties and ability to improve your brainpower and boost the immunity system. She believes she has found an area of the drinks trade which should be more widely explored. Alcohol-free craft beer, made from myco-adaptogens, with many functional lifestyle benefits.

If you like drinking, but wish to reduce your alcohol intake, there is an exciting, healthy new way to enjoy a beer. One which brings thousands of year-old wisdom smack into the modern age. Who would have thought going so far back into the past, could bring you the future of alcohol-free drinking?

Source: Drinksretailingnews.co.uk