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How To Sleep Through The Night When The Clocks Change

It is almost strange that, now people must stay indoors or self-isolate again, some may not have realised that at the end of October, the clocks change by an hour. This is after the usual change to British Summer Time back in March.

The change of season and time can often disrupt routines, as well as possibly impacting your sleeping pattern. The clocks changing affect your internal body clock, making it harder to get some rest.

Do you struggle with sleeping as seasons change?

woman sleeping in clocksWhen the new season begins, do you find yourself staying up later than usual?

Do you struggle to drop off or sleep through the night?  If so, this is not uncommon, but there are steps you can take to maintain your sleeping habits, at the onset of British Summer Time or the move back to GMT.

For some people, having the clocks change and losing an hour at one end of the night, can throw their sleep cycle out of sync. However, experts believe that to counter the effects we should maintain consistency and keep regular sleep patterns.

Build up a routine

It is recommended you build up a night-time routine and adhere to it, despite having to get up at a different time. Doing the same things each night is process commonly referred to as having good sleep hygiene.  Try to turn in at the same hour every night and wake up at the same time every morning. It is not advised for you deviate from your normal practice even though the clocks have changed.

For instance, if you are used to going to bed at ten o’clock every evening, then you should carry on. You should not stay up longer, or go to sleep at a later hour, but stick to your schedule. It can prove pivotal in preserving your internal circadian biological clock.

By keeping to your night-time routine, you can uphold good sleep hygiene, which can help you sleep through the night after the clocks change.

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