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Are You ABVarious? Join The Revolution. It Could Change Your Life

The pandemic has forced us all to re-evaluate many different aspects of our lives. From our work and home life to what, for some, is the most important consideration, our health. It has been that way since the crisis began and this has continued since restrictions were relaxed.

One of the after-effects of the easing of lockdown is people becoming increasingly aware of their physical condition. It seems a greater number are thinking about what they eat or drink.

Research reveals beer drinkers are starting to be more mindful of their health and preferring low-alcohol beverages to full-strength beer. It only illustrates how drinking habits in the UK have changed since the pandemic first struck.

The data was compiled by Freestar, the business behind the beer brand bearing its name.

The information brings into focus a new trend which has sprung up, following the easing of restrictions.

non-alcoholic drinksThese days, it seems people wish to be more informed about how much they are drinking, the strength and volume of the alcohol, and the possible harm it could do to their health, amongst other considerations.

The phenomenon has come to be known as being ABVarious. It follows a study which concluded 20% of drinkers are now more health-conscious, choosing the lower or no-alcohol option when having a beer.

A contrast from the height of lockdown, where over 30% of British people consumed alcohol between four to seven days a week.

However, as restrictions are relaxed, the landscape has been altered, where around 40% of the UK population call themselves ABVarious. They no longer just drink full-strength beers, but are happy to switch to non-alcoholic drinks also, enjoying both equally.

Research has shown, in the light of Covid-19, many are re-evaluating how much alcohol they drink in a week. They are now considering breaking it up and having a non-alcohol beer occasionally, which is the beauty of being ABVarious.

The rise in the trend shows the UK may be witnessing something of a revolution. It seems people are no longer engaging so much in binge drinking, and more concerned about watching what they drink and choosing a low or non-alcohol alternative.

But, even alternating from full-strength beer to a healthier option from time to time, will reduce your alcohol intake, and you could experience the benefits.

If you make the change, and identify yourself as ABVarious, it could just change your life.