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All Quiet In The Pub?

Loud Music And Singing Banned in some newly reopened pubs.

For a great many people, one of the hardest parts of lockdowns was how it affected social interaction. We have been unable to visit friends and family. And pubs, bars and restaurants have been forced to close their doors for months.  However, we are now seeing restrictions being lifted, as we take the first steps to life hopefully going back to normal.music ban

One of the most welcome developments has been the reopening of pubs and restaurant in July due to the easing of lockdown.  Publicans have to follow stringent guidelines, maintaining cleanliness and social distancing, before they can serve punters once more.

New Rules

Scientists suggested various measures for landlords to follow to allow pubs to re-open safely. While some rules appear perfectly reasonable some may seem overly cautious. However, experts insist these guidelines are necessary to prevent virus transmission and a resurgence of the disease. They are a small price to pay to allow punters to go return to the pub after around three months of isolation.

There is no denying the boozing experience will not be the same as it once was and in many ways it might be unrecognizable. It may be hard to believe but, when some bars re-opened, the fun activity of singing along to a song or listening to loud music was no longer recommended.

Sciences showed that singing out loud or raising your voice could spread the virus. Therefore, publicans are advised to ban karaoke in bars and dispensing with loud music. This is so people do not have to raise their voices to be heard. The process of singing or speaking over the background music may force people to open their mouths wider, which could possibly spray the Covid-19 virus and increase transmission.

Fears for survivial of many pubs

Many publicans are glad the government allowed the present social distancing rules, where people must keep two metres apart, to be reduced one metre in some circumstances.

Some in the hospitality industry feared if social distancing was not reduced, it could have a devastating impact on the drinks trade. It was feared many bars or pubs would not be able to survive if they stuck to 2m regulations.

Many saw this as a necessary step to help get the economy back on his feet, but there are still concerns about safety.

Is it worth it?

All in all, people are wondering if going back to the pub is worth the hassle in the light of Coronavirus. Not standing at the bar; following a one-way system or having to sitting outside and not smoking. Reduced toilet facilities and no background music, people singing or talking too loudly might be enough to still keep most away. Going for a very quiet drink may be the only way forward for some time.

There is a legitimate concern that many pubs and restaurants may not be able to survive even though they have re-opened. For some, this may be welcome as they battle addiction and seek out other ways to relax, away from alcohol.

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