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Try Alcohol-Free days

New Alcohol-Free Campaign Promotes Stopping Drinking For A Day.


Now that the New Year festivities are over more and more people seem to be reducing their alcohol intake.  This could be by choosing alcohol-free drinks, drinking less or reducing the number of days they drink. Not surprisingly, the drinks industry has noticed the turning of the tide.


In addition, a charitable organisation promoting alcohol education, has asked the makers of beers and spirits to back an exciting new campaign… one calling for people to take a day off drinking alcohol and endorsing the use of zero alcohol drinks. This is the aim of the new Drink Free Days promotion, spearheaded by Drinkaware.


The illustrious UK alcohol charity, which is financed in part by the alcohol trade itself, has launched a series of radio commercials or adverts online. These promote what are known as ‘No Alcoholidays’, aimed at consumers in the 40 to 64-year-old age bracket. The campaign highlights the benefits of choosing an alternative to drinking alcohol. The campaign sets out to urge consumers in the supermarket, or patrons down the pub to try non-alcoholic drinks, in a change from their usual drinking habits.

 Drinkaware Charity asks Alcohol Industry to help

The charity also believes licensees and publicans can assist individuals who would like to cut down, or stop drinking alcohol, by offering low or non-alcohol drinks in their premises.  They could also serve smaller 12.5cl sized bottled beers and wines, amongst other options.

Drinkaware feels the alcohol industry will be behind the Drink Free Days campaign. The Dutch lager giant Heineken also implemented its `Say Yes` alcohol-free promotion, calling for customers to give their range of non-alcoholic drinks a try.  These include Old Mout Alcohol-Free and Heineken 0.0.


An increasing number of alcohol companies are now embracing the rise in popularity in alcohol drinks. Especially as more people are reducing their intake or removing alcohol from their lives altogether.


By taking a day off and going alcohol-free once a week, it could set you on the road to abstinence, rehab and recovery. It may only take that first step to change your life forever.