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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Glasgow – Addiction Treatment Guide & Directory

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Do you live in Glasgow, the most populated city in Scotland? Are you caught in a web of drug or alcohol addiction and want to get clean? If you are ready to put dependency behind you, then give Which Rehab a call.

We deliver the finest, most affordable rehab services on your doorstep.

Starting Rehab Treatments & Therapies

In many cases, the first stage of getting help is acknowledging you have a problem. However, some may be in denial about their troubles with addiction. They may insist they don’t have a problem, despite showing all the signs. If you, or someone close to you, requires an intervention, we can provide a specialist therapeutic service to determine if you have an issue. After that, you or your loved one can receive the proper treatment.

Drug & Alcohol Detox Glasgow

If deciding to move ahead with drug or alcohol detox, you can proceed with your full rehabilitation programme. During your stay at our rehab clinic, you will be closely supervised by our experienced medical staff. Our excellent doctors, nurses and psychiatric specialists will assess you, determining your medical background and any prior connection with addiction. In addition, they will talk you through every facet of the rehab process, before you
begin detoxification.

Above all, staff will supervise when you stop taking drugs and alcohol as the toxins are cleansed from your body. You may experience uncomfortable, often painful withdrawal symptoms. Don’t worry though, our medical experts will administer the appropriate medication to ease the discomfort of detox.

If you or a loved one are looking to seek help and treatment for an addiction or substance abuse problem, you naturally want to find the best rehab possible to help you make a full recovery.
Which Rehab addiction treatment Glasgow

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Glasgow

Once you have completed detoxication, you can examine the psychological aspect of addiction through regular therapy sessions. Speak to our experienced counsellors about any pressing or underlying problems which may be contributing to your issues with dependency. We also use contemporary therapies like Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, CBT and Integrated Counselling Therapy in the treatment of drug abuse and alcoholism.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Aftercare

Your recovery can also continue when you have completed rehab and returned home. Which Rehab has an exceptional aftercare and follow-up service. You can receive assistance on an outpatient basis, either individually or as a group. Our advisors can help you adjust to everyday life after leaving rehab. It can play a crucial role in your ongoing therapy.

We believe that no one need die from addiction. No matter how bad you are suffering, there is always a turning point and effective treatment available if you want it.
Which Rehab addiction treatment Glasgow

Get Detox & Rehab Help Today

In conclusion, if you are ready to say goodbye to drug and alcohol addiction and wish to receive the finest care at a residential clinic in Glasgow then call us. Which Rehab is always on the front line of rehab therapy in your area. It could be your first step to a whole new life. We are ready to take your call.

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Addiction Help With Which Rehab

So, if you call Glasgow home, and are in need of drug and alcohol treatment, then give Which Rehab a call. We can bring you the advice and support you require to eradicate addiction from your life. Get in touch with us today.

As well as private rehab clinics, where you need to fund your own treatment, there is a vast array of free treatment services around Glasgow.

These are offered by numerous organisations including the NHS, Social Work Services, Charity Rehabs and public/private partnerships, as well as group support organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and family support groups too.

GP Help

As General Practitioners (GPs) are not specialist addiction treatment doctors, most GPs refer individuals to local specialist NHS services, commonly called Local Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADP) or Community Addiction Teams (CAT) .

These offer great services, but similar to most other NHS services, they can be under financial pressure as well as lengthy waiting times.

Listed below are FREE addiction services in Glasgow. We keep this list up-to-date as often as we can but Which Rehab are not responsible for external websites, telephone services or addiction advice. Call us if you need urgent help with addiction.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger from alcohol or drugs, we always recommend calling 999 for emergency services.

Addiction Rehab Support Services Around Glasgow

Free NHS, Charity & Addiction Support Services in Glasgow:

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drug
Edward House
199 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3EX

The Wayside Club
32 Midland Street
G1 4PR

Drink Wise Age Well – Glasgow
139 Norfolk Street
G5 9EL

NorthWest Recovery communities
80 St Vincent Terrace
G3 8DX

Addiction Helpline
3/3 40 St. Enoch Square
G1 4DH

Glasgow Housing First
121 West Street
G5 8BA

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland
3 Buchanan Gate
Buchanan Gate Business Park
Cumbernauld Road
North Lanarkshire
G33 6FB

Glasgow East Alcohol Awareness Project
51 Trondra Place
G34 9AX

East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership
Kirkintilloch Health & Care Centre
10 Saramago Street
G66 3BF

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drug
123 West Street
G5 8BA

Tuesday Group Kinship
123 West Street
G5 8BA

Glasgow Homelessness Service
112 Commerce Street
G5 8DW

South Glasgow Community Recovery Network
The Adelphi Centre
12 Commercial Road
G5 0PQ

South Glasgow Alcohol & Drug Recovery Service
New Gorbals Health & Care Centre
2 Sandiefield Road
G5 9AB


North East Alcohol & Drug Recovery Service
The Newlands Centre
871 Springfield Road
G31 4HZ


Torley Unit
Dykebar Hospital
Grahamston Road

Glasgow Council On Alcohol
14 North Claremont Street
G3 7LE

North West Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service
North West Alcohol & Drug Recovery Service
Woodside Health & Care Centre
891 Garscube Road
G20 7ER

We Are With You in Glasgow, North East
24-28 Broad Street
G40 2QL

South Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service
South Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service
Rowan Business Park
Ardlaw Street
G31 3RX

We Are With You Glasgow, North West
The Quadrangle
59 Ruchill Street
G20 9PX

Whiteinch Move On Service
Whiteinch Move On Service
0/5 13 Victoria Park Drive South
G14 9RN


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings Glasgow

Every NA Meeting in Glasgow by day of the Week

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

Website: www.ukna.org/ | Telephone: 0300 999 1212


Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings Glasgow

Every CA Meeting in Glasgowby day of the Week

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a non-profit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. This is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs. There is only ONE requirement for membership, the desire to stop using.

Website: www.cocaineanonymous.org.uk | Telephone: 0800 612 0225


Cocaine Anonymous (CA) Meetings Glasgow

Self Management And Recovery Training Meetings in Glasgow

Cocaine Anonymous are a Fellowship of addicts who meet together to share our hope, faith, and courage for the purpose of staying sober and helping others achieve the same freedom. Everything heard at our meetings is to be treated as confidential. There are no dues or fees of any kind. To be a member, you only have to want to quit.

Website: www.smartrecovery.org.uk// | Telephone: 0330 053 6022


SMART Meetings Glasgow

Self Management And Recovery Training Meetings in Glasgow

UK SMART Recovery (UKSR) is a registered charity which promotes choice in recovery through a national network of mutual-aid meetings and online training programmes with comprehensive teaching materials and manuals. Our Programme teaches rational, easy to learn and self-empowering skills to help participants abstain from any addictive behaviour and to develop a lifestyle that supports sustained recovery.

Website: www.smartrecovery.org.uk// | Telephone: 0330 053 6022

Online Glasgow SMART Meeting
14:00 – 15:30

Online Veterans Only SMART Meeting
19:00 – 20:30

Online Kirkintilloch SMART Meeting
18:00 – 19:30
W High St, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow G66 1AD

Immediate Detox & Rehab Clinic Entry

If you require the latest drug and alcohol addiction treatment in your area, then contact Which Rehab for your choice of residential clinic. We can give you all the advice and information you need to kick dependency and start a new life.