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Alcohol Deliveries To Your Door

Greenock Convenience Store Can Deliver Alcohol To Your Door

For people deciding on whether to consume alcohol one of the main considerations is availability. If individuals wish to cut down or moderate their intake they may have avoid going to the pub or buying from an off license.  With the Covid-19 restrictions in place, many are finding it easier to limit consumption. However, some may now find it easier to source alcohol in the same way as basic necessities.

If you run out of booze, you may not be willing to go out on a beer run and may just do without. However, if you live in Greenock, you may be able to stock up or replenish supplies, without having to leave the house. This is after a local convenience store has been given permission to deliver alcohol right to the doorstep. With the help of a mobile app, the customer simply places an order and the alcohol can be dropped off.

Licensing Board give permission.

The Scotmid store in Greenock recently asked the Inverclyde Licensing Board for permission to offer this service. The application was approved, under certain conditions. However, the plan was not universally welcomed, as a local citizen, Police Scotland and the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) voiced reservations.

The HSCP, a brand-new organisation, following on from the Inverclyde Community Health & Care Partnership (CHCP), sees the NHS working in conjunction with social work services. The Health and Social Care Partnership believes an increase in alcohol sales could have a negative impact on the health of the people of Greenock.  This is not going to help people trying to cut down or detox.

Therefore, HSCP has asked that customers could not order alcohol on its own but had to purchase groceries at the same time. They have also called for time restrictions to be implemented, for the alcohol home delivery service.  A resident was concerned about age verification and increased local traffic during deliveries. They also asked if the service could add to alcohol problems in the area.

However, Scotmid representative assured the Licensing Board it was a community-based retailer.  Also, staff would undergo rigorous training and carry out thorough identification checks. The company said this would guarantee no alcohol is sold to underage customers.

Delivery App has been piloted before

Selling goods over an app was piloted in West Lothian, where the most popular items were eggs, pizza and milk. Alcohol was a supplementary product, and the retailer stated the app was set up to deliver all types of goods and not specifically booze.

Reportedly, Scotmid disputes claims the app may lead to a rise in alcohol-related issues in Greenock. They say there’s no indication it causes an upsurge in sales but is merely a different way of purchasing alcohol.

Following a private session the Inverclyde Licensing Board passed Scotmid’s application, under certain conditions. These have been requested by health chiefs and the police. They range from age verification checks to keeping an order and delivery register. The company will also only make deliveries till 9 pm.

The application has now been approved, and the store will now be able to deliver alcohol to people’s homes. It can be as easy as ordering a takeaway. Some quarters may not be happy, but it is still going ahead and only time will tell the effects.

Source: greenocktelegraph.co.uk